Building A Brighter Future In Ti Ayiti (Little Haiti)

Since Hurricane Irma Konscious Kontraktors, Inc. has stayed true to our path of building sustainability & resiliency against Klimate Gentrifikation in the Ti Ayiti kommunity. Also, edukating Ti Ayiti on the effects of Global Warming, karbon emission, sea level rise and the kontinued dangers of Klimate Change. By hosting, lecturing & presenting our programs of Kulture, Art & Science, we have been able to provide information, that has edukated & mobilized the kommunity, towards building ekonomikally, Greener/Environmental kommunity.

The launching of our Beautifikation initiative is to help residents & business remain in Ti Ayiti, by providing services that help give a sense of normalcy and peace. Fighting poverty must be done by building an ekonomikally enriching kommunity.

Our goal is to raise $1000.00 for our 2006 F-150 XLT FORD new Transmission, and tons of resources & funding for all the konscious kontraktor’s programs and grassroots initiatives.

K’s are being used as an artistic expression of kombining Kreyol & English

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