SMASH and Miami Workers Center (MWC) are having another meeting in the community, and this time, we’re going to talk about what everyone has on their minds: the rent. (Because it’s too DAMN high!)

We will not only talk about our experiences dealing with the high cost of rent, but also, talk about solutions. We’ll be meeting at the site of one such solution, the SMASH Housing Project and Community Land Trust. But there are so many others that we need to work on including the formation of a county-wide tenant union, and a state-wide rent control policy. Surely, you have your own ideas too, and we need to hear them! We need to ORGANIZE!

The Rent is Too DAMN High Meeting and SMASH/MWC Update
Thursday, Mar 28th at 6PM
SMASH Community Land Trust
2264 NW 63rd St, Miami, FL 33147

In addition, we need help doing community outreach for this meeting. If you’re interested in volunteering with us for this important event, then please attend the volunteer training happening this Thursday at 6PM at the Miami Workers Center (720 NW 55th St, Miami, FL 33127)

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