The Miami Climate Alliance is in the process of finalizing its strategic plan for 2019/2020. We are asking our member organizations to complete this survey to gather and aggregate information on who is doing what related to climate change in Miami-Dade County.

This data will allow all organizations to better understand the local climate change ecosystem, including its strengths and opportunities for growth, as well as better understand their organization’s work in the context of the ecosystem.

We only need one individual from each organization to complete this survey, which they can do HERE.  Because we love you and appreciate your time so much, we’ll be raffling off a few items to those organizations who complete the survey by end of day on Friday, May 24th. Those raffle items include (cue “The Price is Right” voice):

  • A $20 gift card to Verde Market! (5 available)
  • A special email dedicated to a topic of your choosing to the entire MCA email list! (4 available)
  • A 1-hr strategic consulting session with Radical Partners!

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