Open Letter from Organizer and Community Leader Michael Clarkson

Acknowledgement & forgiveness, My Natives Sistas & Brothers, we seek atonement for not joining you in the struggle 4 life on Mother Earth. May I have your permission to speak!

Thanks 2 the organizers of MCA 4 giving KonsciousKontractors, Inc. this opportunity.

What’s the legality of a genocide when a whole ethnic group lives in a particular kommunity which is destroyed by economic development. Therefore, without intent to destroy that whole group, the group is in fact destroyed. Legally, this is Genocide! The terrible irony, is that Miami City officials face the same question, with regards to Magic City Innovation and its destruction of Ti Ayiti. This time, for the whole of Miami City, because at the kurrent pace, kommunity after kommunity, will be destroy.

It is a krime to plan or incite genocide, even before killing starts, and to aid or abet genocide: kriminal acts include konspiracy, direct and public incitement, attempts to kommit genocide, and komplicity in genocide.

In the recent August 25, 2019 article Alison Cole a war crimes investigator and international lawyer specialising in climate justice, stated “climate change is Genocide”. We are on an irreversible path to a climate which will not support human life, says Alison Cole. Climate change is genocide. That’s right, I said it. And on Monday, I will say it to the Select Committee for the Zero Carbon Bill.

Our topic as follows and copies of our paper is available to those sincerely willing to build a serious Konsciousness.

1. The ongoing kollusions by elected developers & real estate developers as kommunities are being targeted with klimate change gentrifikation throughout Miami Dade kounty, must be stop. We Demand a moratorium on so-kalled kommunity development, which is a guise for further displacement and gentrifikation.

2. Defining what is Kommunity Engagement and how its non presents within City/Kounty Governments and the local non=profit social justice movement; affects the kurrent state of citizen apathy and how the policies of Equity is effecting the legitimacy & real work needed to educate, agitate, organize & mobilize residents towards empowerment by the means of Kommunity Kontrol.

Equity is a branch of law that developed alongside kommon law in order to remedy some of its defects in fairness and justice,

However, the four interrelated  principles of social justice; equity, access, participation and rights, have and are kontinuously negated by the all local officials of Miami Dade county.

The so-called Kommunity Benefit Agreement, with the Magic City Innovation Iniatative by City Commissioners Keon Hardemon undermine the principles of kommunity engagement.

When decision makers don’t realize what well-konsidered projects with specific benefits attached kan bring to the kommunity, its Genocide. The City must enacts kommunity benefits policies that set the stage for lifting thousands of people out of poverty.

This magic city project is designed for exclusion of residency of Ti Ayiti & one that establish premanent division and segregation for the majority of the kurrent residents. The impact of this project is a death sentence for any real Economic stimulants or fighting poverty.

The kommunity benefit agreement by City Commissioners Keon Hardemon though a gallant effort for business as usual. undermines the very principles, goals & primary objective of the kommunity benefits agreement.

(1) instances where koalitions are formed specifically to negotiate CBAs they may not be fully representative the differing viewpoints, and have the accountable to the entire kommunity.

(2) projects where local government is involved in the negotiation and execution of an agreement, that have constitutional ramification.

First, koalitions formed specifically to sign CBAs are not representative of the entire kommunity interests, and agreements signed with such groups should not be kalled CBAs.

Second, when government actors are running land-use approval processes, which kould include a CBA negotiation, and attempt to add government officials as parties to the agreement, the U.S. Constitution protects developers from the government setting certain konditions on the approvals being granted.

(This is very important since Keon took it upon himself to be the negotiator of this CBA?)


Kulture Gentrifikation is the engine behind the onward march of KLIMATE change Genocide in Miami Dade County. It’s the physical changes in Ti Ayiti ((Little Haiti) that bring in wealthier residents, greater investment, and more development, as a stragety & tactics.

The urban planning for traditionally defined low-income neighborhoods &  (red-lined) by banks: have become the playground for Politrickers & deep pocket moneybaggers. Gentrifiers, & social justice advocates.

Kommunity Kontrol of the land is key, and both Miami City & Miami Dade Kounty have the resources to secure Community Land Grants.

Furthermore they have a duty to declare Eminent domain, land acquisition, compulsory purchase, resumption, resumption/compulsory acquisition, or expropriation is the power of a state, provincial, or national government to take private property for public use.

The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution reads as follows: Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Freedom is Free, you just need the GUTS to Fight. All Power To The People!

Kommunity Kontrol is Power for all!

“Dust, the Wind Blows it Everywhere! Are the People Dust they, ask? “

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