We Have All The Land We Need – #holdtheline

On Thursday (January 23rd), our Miami-Dade County Commissioners will be voting on amendments to the CDMP (Comprehensive Development Master Plan) through the Evaluation and Appraisal Report reviewed every seven years.

In today’s Miami Herald, Adrian Madriz (Executive Director of SMASH, Miami Climate Alliance Steering Committee Member) and Victor Dover (Dover, Kohl & Partners) wrote an Op-Ed expressing the importance of not breaching the Urban Development Boundary.

“The developers’ intent to build only single-family houses, in a manner similar to the suburban sprawl that has transformed Kendall, Doral and other western suburbs into expensive areas afflicted with frustrating commutes, will just create more distant communities that require more expensive car travel and more infrastructure needs. They’re forgetting: An affordable life isn’t really made feasible by spreading farther onto distant farmland or sensitive wilderness, then using more and more gas, money and time driving. Housing and transportation costs have to be taken into account together, not separately.”  Read the full article HERE.

The Hold the Line Coalition needs your support to let Commissioners know they have the responsibility and opportunity to make all the right choices to ensure the prosperity of our county.

A Press Conference will be held at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday, January 23rd) outside the Commission Chambers at the Media Room on the second floor prior to the hearing. Bring your friends, family, and colleagues to support these amendments and tell the developers they can’t put a price on our future. Learn more HERE.

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