As vehicles for coordinating shared work across our 80+ member organizations, committees and working groups are able to respond quickly to pressing issues by leveraging our network of diverse organizations and volunteers.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is focused on the implementation of strategic objectives, providing momentum for targeted goals, supporting the work of working groups and committees, and coordinating internal communication and collaboration within the MCA network. The Steering Committee also helps to convene alliance members and the broader environmental justice community around our equity agenda.

CHAIR:   Emily Gorman, Sierra Club
Zelalem Adefris, Catalyst Miami
Trenise Bryant, The Miami Workers Center
Nancy Metayer
Cynthia Hernandez, AFL-CIO
Adrian Madriz, SMASH
David McDougal, Consultant
Melissa Tavares, Sachamama / FLIC
Claudia Sebastiani
Gabriela Noa Betancourt, Unite Here 355

Standing Committees

Legislative Committee: The MCA Legislative Committee provides vital information, study, expertise, and perspectives to federal, state, and local MCA priority policy and issue areas.

Outreach/Membership Committee: The MCA Outreach Committee is focused on growing our movement through high-traffic-event canvassing, flood-zone door-to-door canvassing, speaking at MCA member organization events (to increase buy-in within MCA network), and speaking at non-MCA organization events, including city council and commission meetings, educational organizations, and intersectional social justice gatherings.
— Chairs:  Trenise Bryant (Miami Workers Center)  & Travis Gardner (SMASH)

Communications Committee: The MCA Communications Committee works together to design, execute, evaluate and improve our communications strategy, including both strengthening the communications infrastructure within the alliance and driving our outreach to key constituencies and decision-makers.

Development Committee:  provides financial oversight and will work with the newly forming advisory committee to identify and pursue funding opportunities.
–Chair:  David McDougal, Consultant

Working Groups

Working groups are created on an as-needed basis to address and organize around pressing and timely issues.

NOTE: CALLS ARE NOT HELD EVERY WEEK. If you would like to be added to the working group, please email

Clean Energy Working Group
MCA and partners co-lead a campaign pushing for the adoption of renewable energy solutions for low-income and working class Miamians; includes advocacy for weatherization jobs programs, access to solar power, and using modern energy technology to increase disaster resilience for Miami’s underserved communities.

Mondays at 5:30 pm | Call in – (888)-625-7782
LEAD:   Zelalem Adefris, Catalyst Miami

Resilient Miami Working Group
MCA and partners co-lead a campaign to increase accountability and community input regarding government funding for development and infrastructure projects in Miami; includes advocacy for prioritizing low-income and working class communities’ needs and voices within climate resilience adaptation efforts.

Tuesdays at 5:30 pm | Call in – (888)-625-7782
LEAD:   Zelalem Adefris, Catalyst Miami

Disaster Resilience Working Group
MCA and partners co-lead a campaign to build/support neighborhood level leadership in preparing communities for extreme weather events and to increase equity, accountability, and community input within ALL government emergency planning/management efforts; builds on MCA’s co-led Serious Games and Community Emergency Operations Center programs.

Thursdays at 5:30 pm | Call in- (305) 330-5788