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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Miami Climate Alliance. All that is required to join, is an agreement of the principals and priorities stated below.  After review, please enter your contact information and if you'd like to join the existing Working Groups. We look forward to connecting with you.
Mission Statement

Miami Climate Alliance works for equity and resilience by activating community through strategic action, increasing understanding of climate change and sea level rise as threats to all forms of justice, and building urgency around community well-being.

Miami Climate Alliance (MCA) Membership Statement

The Miami Climate Alliance is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to prioritize climate justice, mitigation, sustainability, and resilience in South Florida to promote a community that supports the well-being and prospects of all its current and future members. Our cities, county and state are first in the nation in terms of exposure to the impacts of sea-level rise, extreme events such as hurricanes and vector-borne disease, and saltwater intrusion threatens to devastate our entire way of life. In order to address these threats, the members of the Miami Climate Alliance, stand by and act on the following principles and priorities:

Miami Climate Alliance Principles + Priorities

  1. We are action-oriented – focused on solutions addressing causes and effects of climate change.
  2. We are a dynamic network of individuals, organizations and communities working toward climate justice and solutions.
  3. We are locally-focused on tangible wins for people and the natural and built environment.
  4. We are informed by current peer-reviewed climate science, our direct experience, and documented and projected impacts in our region.
  5. We are committed to democratic governance, operational transparency, and open data sharing.

Miami's Frontlines Against Our Climate Crisis.

The Miami Climate Alliance is a 501(c)(3) entity and does not endorse political candidates.
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