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Protestors Rally Against Proposed FPL Rate Increases

Community groups are holding a demonstration in Miami Thursday to protest proposed rate hikes by Florida Power & Light. NBC 6’s Paxton Boyd reports. See video here.

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Miami wants to slash carbon emissions 60% by 2035. How? That’s still up in the air

Miami has plans to slash carbon emissions, and those plans could change the way itsresidents get around town, cook their food and cool their homes — soon. Miami wants residents’ feedback on what kind of changes they would be willing to put up with, like more solar on city buildings, and which ones they wouldn’t. […]

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It’s time for Florida’s power companies to help consumers save energy

"At a time when many Floridians are struggling with high electric bills and many others facing disconnections, saving energy is essential. In other states, electric utilities help their customers by offering free or low-cost energy efficiency programs that lower energy bills for homes and businesses and improve safety and comfort. In Florida, these utility-run programs […]

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FPL Power Shut-Offs Resume as Thousands of Floridians Struggle to Pay Bills

Florida Power and Light resumed disconnections on Oct. 1 - seven months after halting them due to Covid-19 - leaving thousands of residents without power. "We have a big household and currently only my dad is working," said Miami resident Wendy Alfaro. Alfaro is a college student trying to make ends meet in the middle […]

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Legislators tell Florida utility regulators to “step up” on shutoffs moratorium

Two state legislators are calling on Florida utility regulators and Gov. Ron DeSantis to “step up” on an electricity shutoff moratorium and relief from accumulating unpaid balances for thousands of Floridians who are behind on their power bills. Their comments come the same day as the Florida Public Service Commission’s staff recommended that the board […]

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Advocates draw attention to climate change’s main impact

Within the week, a candy-colored miniature lifeguard stand in front of the Frost Museum of Science will melt, revealing a message that hints at Florida’s future if climate change isn’t curbed: “More heat, less beaches.” Similar wax statues — including a Florida Panther and her cub and a grandfather and his granddaughter — are set […]

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‘Heat Of Florida Will Kill Many More’

Climate change and concerns over global warming took center stage Wednesday at the Frost Science Museum in Downtown Miami. “The climate crisis is our greatest challenge. We may think otherwise, until we reflect on the warming world we are facing. These greenhouse gases have got to be stopped,” said Caroline Lewis, founder of the CLEO […]

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What Happens When a Pandemic Meets a Heat Wave

Extreme summer temperatures target the same communities most vulnerable to Covid-19. Where can people go when staying indoors with air conditioning isn’t safe? On a sweltering Sunday afternoon in North Miami, Carmen Arocho, 54, has taken her four grandchildren to a nearby supermarket — not to get groceries but to escape the oppressive heat that’s been […]

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Housing Activists Call for 90-Day Extension to Eviction Moratorium

Housing reform activists called Thursday for Gov. Ron DeSantis to extend the state's moratorium on evictions and foreclosures by 90 days, an action they said would help relieve the mounting anxiety shared by thousands of Floridians at risk of being booted from their homes amid the coronavirus crisis. The governor has twice extended the moratorium, which […]

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Calls to test and house Miami’s homeless grow louder during coronavirus pandemic

Pedro Machado’s cheeks rose from behind a blue surgical mask as he described how grateful he was to have a chance to wash up and change. “We’re street people, so we tend to get a little dirtier each day,” he said Friday afternoon, sitting in the middle of a service center run by volunteers outside […]

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Miami's Frontlines Against Our Climate Crisis.

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