Published: September 16, 2021

‘Activism works’: Miami plans to increase funding, hires for climate change department

"A month after Miami’s chief resilience officer announced his resignation, leaving the position in limbo for the second time in as many years, the city has moved to refill his job and hire two additional people for the resilience department.

Advocates for climate action cheered the decision as a win for their long-running campaign to get the city to invest more in the team of people charged with helping Miami adapt to climate change.

Commissioners gave first approval to a budget that included a chief resilience officer position and deputy chief resilience officer, as well as three full-time project managers. The department currently has two full-time project managers and a third grant-funded position set to expire soon."

“What is clear to me is the city is prioritizing its economic future with an emphasis on crypto and tech. However, there will be no economic future for our city unless we invest in protecting Miami from sea level rise, hurricanes and extreme heat,” she said. “The city of Miami is ignoring the promises it made when it passed a climate emergency in 2019. The future of the magic city depends on climate action.”

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