Published: July 8, 2021

FPL’s $2 billion hike is too much for Miami families 

At a time when many Miami families are struggling to keep the lights on, Florida Power & Light (FPL) wants to force them to foot the bill for a $2 billion rate hike — the largest rate increase in our state’s history. 

FPL’s proposed rate hike will increase the utility’s revenue by $6.5 billion. Energy Information Administration data from 2019 suggests that FPL’s revenue per customer is already the seventh highest among the nation’s 20 largest investor-owned utilities, but apparently, that’s not enough for FPL. If this rate hike goes through, the average customer’s electricity bill would increase by $216 per year by 2025. Continue reading

Authors: Zelalem Adefris, vice president of policy & advocacy at Catalyst Miami, steering committee co-chair of the Miami Climate Alliance. Natalia Brown, climate justice program manager at Catalyst Miami and co-chair of the Miami Climate Alliance Clean Energy Working Group.

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