Published: February 25, 2021

Miami wants to slash carbon emissions 60% by 2035. How? That’s still up in the air

Miami has plans to slash carbon emissions, and those plans could change the way its
residents get around town, cook their food and cool their homes — soon.

Miami wants residents’ feedback on what kind of changes they would be willing to put up with, like more solar on city buildings, and which ones they wouldn’t. Miami is committed to going carbon neutral by 2050, and now the city has identified a halfway mark: reducing greenhouse gas emission by 60% by 2035.

Getting there will require massive changes in a city where most people couldn’t imagine getting around without using a car.

Changes like relying completely on renewable energy, eliminating natural gas hookups in all new construction and switching a third of all the cars in the city to electric vehicles. All within the next 14

How — exactly — the city can convince its residents to make these often expensive
switches to greener technology is still up in the air.

Zelalem Adefris, a member of the Miami Climate Alliance, said she was encouraged
by the city’s new focus on mitigating climate change rather than simply adapting to
it with higher seawalls and more pumps.

“The opportunity to provide a lot of multiple benefits for our community really lies
in mitigation,” she said.

She pointed to weatherization programs, which help homeowners plug gaps in leaky
windows and upgrade inefficient air conditioners, as an example. Helping
homeowners conserve electricity not only reduces emissions but also lowers power

Source: Miami Herald

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