Published: September 9, 2020

‘Heat Of Florida Will Kill Many More’

Climate change and concerns over global warming took center stage Wednesday at the Frost Science Museum in Downtown Miami.

“The climate crisis is our greatest challenge. We may think otherwise, until we reflect on the warming world we are facing. These greenhouse gases have got to be stopped,” said Caroline Lewis, founder of the CLEO Institute.

To demonstrate the need for reform, the Miami ad agency Zubi and members of the Florida Climate Crisis Campaign commissioned artist Bob Partington to create a series of wax sculptures that will melt in the Florida heat over a period of four to five days.

“We have got to have leadership that understands when I go out of my balcony at night and I run into a wall of heat, that makes it impossible to even set down and enjoy the view of Biscayne Bay,” said Lewis. “It really reeks of what the future might look like.”

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Source: CBS Channel 4

Miami's Frontlines Against Our Climate Crisis.

The Miami Climate Alliance is a 501(c)(3) entity and does not endorse political candidates.
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