Published: November 12, 2020

Can We Count On Your Support Next Week?

We are one week away from the nation's biggest 24-hour annual giving event, Give Miami Day, and this year Miami Climate Alliance is a proud participant. 

Given the pandemic and the many challenges faced, our work in Miami’s most vulnerable communities couldn’t be more critical.  

Your generous donation will enable the Miami Climate Alliance to continue: 1) providing critical support to frontline communities, 2) coordinating rapid response to COVID, and 3) securing important community policy wins in our county. 

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, November 19th, and share our page with your friends and family. 

We are powered by grassroots donations, and we appreciate any support you can provide.

Miami's Frontlines Against Our Climate Crisis.

The Miami Climate Alliance is a 501(c)(3) entity and does not endorse political candidates.
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