Published: February 24, 2021

Florida Needs Energy Efficiency NOW

"At a time when many Floridians are struggling with high electric bills and many others facing disconnections, saving energy is essential.

In other states, electric utilities help their customers by offering free or low-cost energy efficiency programs that lower energy bills for homes and businesses and improve safety and comfort.

In Florida, these utility-run programs aren’t delivering the same kind of results we see in other states. This is due to weak goals and out-of-step policies from state regulators.

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) has recently proposed revisiting these rules, representing a crucial opportunity to reform utility energy efficiency policy in the state, helping utility customers in this critical time. But it won’t happen unless Floridians speak up in support of real progress..." READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

To learn more about energy efficiency opportunities in Florida, and to sign a letter to PSC commissioners urging them to support better policies, visit  

Authored by Trenise Bryant (MCA Steering Committee Co-Chair) and François J. Alexandre (Konscious Kontractors founder)

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