Published: August 31, 2021

Help Those Affected By Hurricane Ida

The Community Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) is a coalition of organizations formed after Hurricane Irma that coordinate timely response to poor, working class people before during and after disaster. We are lawyers, social workers, medical professionals and organizers that fulfill peoples needs during crisis interventions. Not only has the CEOC responded to Miami, it has also responded to multiple states across the US and countries in the Caribbean- most recently involved in direct relief to Haiti after the earthquake.

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida has devastated the states that line the Gulf of Mexico. Although the impact is not heavily covered in the news, millions of people living in LA and MS are without power, are experiencing immense flooding and are currently food insecure. The CEOC has identified multiple organizations at ground zero that we will work with to send the supplies and goods they need to sustain while the federal government decides its next course of action.  

Monetary donations, 100% of which will be going to buy supplies and goods to be sent directly to organizations working with poor/working class people on the ground in Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Physical donations of Water, Batteries, Phone power packs, Ice coolers, non perishables and canned goods and in person.

Volunteer - If you'd like to volunteer your time the CEOC is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm at 720 NW 55th St, 33127.

There is also a virtual hotline and other ways to volunteer on the ground in MS and LA here.

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